Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Come Be A Champion For A Night!

Two years ago at the end of January, our church recorded their first CD & DVD. (pictured at left) It was an amazing experience, really on par with many concerts I've paid to attend. All the music was written by people in the music department at the church, the house was packed, they cranked the volume up to 11, and the electricity in the air was incredible!

Well, we're doing it again - Saturday, January 27 is the date for the second CD & DVD recording! We're absolutely going to be there, and would love for some of our friends from
Discovery and elsewhere to join us! Afterward we can grab dinner and/or Ice Cream (Mad Jack's is so good, you capitalize it!) and maybe toss in a little Wii Sports action...

On a serious, church related note: It's been quite a year, with a temporary switch in where we go to church... But God is always there with us, and true to form, He's made everything beautiful. We now have many great friends we would never have met otherwise, and we also gained a much deeper understanding of His plan for our lives. There's something about knowing beyond a doubt where you belong... And no matter how great a place may be, until you've left and come back, you don't really get it. Well we get it now, and it feels so good!
Thank you to all at both churches - without you, we would be quite a bit weaker in our faith.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm Gonna Need A Shotgun...

I've been hearing on the news that 9 is the new 13, and 14 is the new 17 or some such nonsense... I just want to say that THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!
There's just no way that it can be OK that our Ellysa is growing up so fast. A few weeks ago, she had her first semi-formal dance at school.... They have those in 8th grade now??!! YIKES!! As you can see from the picture, she was clearly the belle of the ball, and Cindy and I just thank God that she's focusing on the important things (school, church, etc) and NOT entertaining the attention of the pimply-faced teenage boys who need to keep their distance if they don't want to find themselves on the receiving end of a laser guided anti-testosterone attack!!

Picture of the Week - Snow Art Edition!

So the weatherman is saying that we're gonna have snow tomorrow... I hope we get enough to make some Raving Rabbid SnowBunnies!!
This was created as part of a contest at video gaming blog Kotaku... Lots of other fun entries, but none that I loved as much as the psycho snowbunnies!
You can check 'em out here.

Monday, January 01, 2007


...and it's posted only 5 days into the new year! Go Me!! Yay!!
We had a great New Year's Eve, spent going in circles (in the normal skating direction) at Tiffany's Skate Inn with the kidz. Ellysa's friend Ashley came along, and was kind enough to take the family pic on the couch when we got home.
So with a new year, Cindy and I are renewing our health & fitness goals - not as a NY Resolution, but because we can, now that all the holiday festivities (ie: food) are behind us. Wish us luck, and if you see us at the YMCA, encourage us... cuz sometimes, that exit door looks like the best feature of the building!!
We hope that 2007 is an awesome year for all of you, and that you are abundantly blessed in the next 12 months!