Thursday, May 24, 2007

Better Than Their Parents...

Our kids continually amaze us. Both Cindy and I were very shy as kids, avoided giving speeches, acting in plays, playing team sports - nothing of the sort! But in the past week, we've seen evidence that our kids are already greatly surpassing us on all fronts!

Ellysa tried out for Softball and made the team - and even though she was new to the school, and many of the (evil) girls excluded her as an outsider, she stuck with it, and her last game is today!

Andy gave a speech a few days ago at Bellarmine, thanking them for a grant to Hunt Middle School that helped beautify the campus... He was nervous heading in to it, but did great!

And then there's Kaylee. She's the classic "nothin' I can't do" kid. Last night was the annual Whittier Elementary spring music program, and Kaylee had a solo... And I use NO exaggeration when I say that she OWNED the entire program. Just watch!

Nobody's gonna dump on that ump!! And then this coming Saturday and Sunday, she's taking her first crack at LEADING the worship song at church... Singing a solo, leading the kids, everything. Watch for details here!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Feature: Kidz Art!

I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, and since I finally got my act together and scanned something in, here's the first installment of Kidz Art! All four of the kids do really great art - creative, funny, maybe a little disturbing... all the things that parents always say about their kids' artwork. The only difference is that ours actually live up to the hype! =)

So to kick off the series, here is one that Kaylee did a few weeks ago. She didn't name it, and I like to call it "The Little Dead Girl". See? just a *little* disturbing... at least she's a cute little dead girl, and she's smiling.. and it's raining bones... ummm.... okay, maybe a little bit more disturbing... but still a very good picture!