Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun In The January Sun

Wow, it's January 22, and this is the first post we've done all year??  YIKES!!

Well, we have something post-worthy now...  In the wake of my mom's funeral (yeah, I'll get that up on the blog too, because it's certainly journalable and I don't want to forget it!), my brother Brian and his family spent the day with us, and it was about as nice as a Saturday in January ever gets in Western Washington!

We did some stuff, moved some furniture (piano and couch swap), ate some food (pizza, hot dogs, tacos and home made ice cream), and then it was time to reward our efforts with some fun in the sun...

So we grabbed the Aerobie an headed to the park.  The little kids played on the big playground toys while Brian, his wife Daphne and their daughter Kaley and I played frisbee with it for an hour or more.  Then Cindy showed up in the van, with all kinds of kids toys, including two PlasmaCars.  If you haven't heard of PlasmaCars, google them.  Seriously.  I don't feel like linking them, I'm trying to tell a story here!!  Oh, fine.  Okay, click here to learn about them, but then you have to come back here!

I could try to write up a play-by-play of what happened next, but videos are way more fun...  So here ya go, click play!