Saturday, April 02, 2011

That's My Girl... Just Like Her Mommy!

For the last 11 years, Cindy has had a near-nightly ritual that she loves, wherein I rub lotion on her feet...  It usually happens on the couch in the evening, while watching TV of some kind.

It's such an important part of our relationship that for Valentine's day this year, I got her a tube of  NuSkin's Epoch Firewalker foot cream, to up the luxury factor a little.  Tip to all the guys out there:  If the lady in your life also enjoys a good foot rub, track down some of this stuff - it's well worth the gourmet price!  GOOD STUFF!!

Anyway...  the last few weeks have been crazy busy, what with Puddle Jumpers filling up with 2 year olds, and TS4A keeping me out late solving the world's technical problems, and the foot rub ritual has been a bit neglected.  Last Tuesday in particular, I didn't get home until 8:00, and was so exhausted that it was pretty much bed time on arrival.  So the NEXT day, when we found ourselves on the couch watching Tangled (which is an awesome movie, by the way - go get it!) I jumped up and grabbed the lotion, then positioned myself on the couch with Cindy's feet in my lap.

Before I could even start the rubbin', Danee jumped up from her pillow on the floor, scrambled up on to the couch, on to Mommy's lap, put her feet in the air, and gave me that smile that said "Daddy will do WHATEVER I WANT!"

And I did...  I rubbed her tiny little feet until they were thoroughly softened up, and went to work on Cindy's.  Danee did NOT like that very much, and kept sticking her little feet in between my hands and Mommy's feet.

A few minutes later, the distractability of a two-year old worked to our advantage, and Danee was back on the floor, on a pillow, snuggling with her sister Kaylee.  I'd gotten up for a glass of water, and as I came back to the couch and pulled out the lotion to resume my husbandly duties, Danee -- who is just now starting to really use words -- JUMPED up, and RAN, FRANTICALLY over to the couch, shouting, "WANT!! WANT!! WANT!!!"

Poor Cindy did finally get her foot rub, eventually... with interruptions...

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Heidi D said...

Oh, I love stories like this. Those are the great moments and memories in families. :)

Love the cat picture too. Kelly has come up with a good one we need to stage and submit to the Cheezburger site.